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The Support You Need

The Bookkeeping Support You Need

Professional Bookkeeper in California, USA

You need a professional to keep your books compliant, and tax ready.

You need an expert to give you timely and accurate information.

You need the right tools to make the most of your cash flow

And you need all of this to be affordable.

For professional, expert support that fits your budget, you need Credo.

Credo Bookkeeping is a trusted bookkeeping company, serving clients in California, USA, and beyond, we provide fully customized bookkeeping solutions to suit your unique needs.

What We Offer

What Credo Bookkeeping

Customized Bookkeeping Expertise
Each month your books will be completed by your assigned bookkeeper then receive a multi-point inspection by a member of our senior team to ensure compliance, accuracy, and appropriate supporting documentation.
Cutting Edge Bookkeeping Technology
Credo’s entire operation is cloud based with two additional back-up systems including a secure ground based hard drive so your data is never beyond retrieval. Our shared online file system has bank level security allowing you safe access to all your own data from anywhere in the world. All software integrates seamlessly with your bank and your creditors, creating a paperless accounting environment.
Real World Reporting
Profit/Loss statements and Balance Sheets are valuable tools for understanding what happened last quarter but to run a business you need to know what will happen next quarter, next month, next week. You need a forward looking, predictive report that helps you make the right decisions now for the best results later. You need Credo’s Dashboard report, custom designed to project your company’s cash flow.
Decades of Experience
Credo Bookkeeping has been providing services to companies across multiple industries for more than twelve years, but our team has more than 60 years combined experience in the finance industry so adapting to new rules, new technologies, and new problems is not new to us.
Dedicated Service
You will have your own personal Bookkeeper assigned to your company. Your bookkeeper will get to know your systems, your staff, and your needs. And, thanks to Credo’s Truck Folder System, should your assigned Bookkeeper need a sick day or a vacation, the rest of our team will have access to the information we need to jump in and continue meeting your needs.

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Our Services

This is where Credo Bookkeeping comes in. Whether you need help with your bookkeeping, financial data, financial transactions, reporting and more… we can handle it!

Accounts Receivable

Let’s face it, getting paid is important. Credo can help invoice, track, collect, and project your receivables so you will have the cash you need, the cash you earned, to meet your business needs.

Accounts Payable

With Credo you can restrict the time you spend making financial decisions to less than 15 minutes each week and always have a clear picture of your current financial position. Credo can receive, process, electronically file, and pay all of your bills for you providing you with a simple summary of your current payables, projected payables and cash position so you can make quick decisions about what to pay and what to hold, then get back to running your business.


Simplify payroll by handing it off to professionals who can ensure it will be on time, legally compliant and accurate. Credo can help manage your timecards, track your withholdings, and ensure your filings are timely and accurate.

Get started with Credo Bookkeeping

Get started with Credo Bookkeeping


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Great savings on bookkeeping costs
  • Gain access to the tools you need to ensure your finances are managed as well as those of any large company
  • When you outsource you get a team of experts for less than the price of one in-house bookkeeper
The sooner the better. Most clients come to us after they have been overwhelmed or are in trouble. Bookkeeping costs scale with the size of your business, so they are affordable at any business size. Start-ups are surprised to discover how affordable we are right from the beginning.
Credo will review bank and other account statements to determine the scope of the work then provide an estimate. Once retained we will start integrating our systems with yours to create a process that suits the way you function while benefitting from our resources.
Yes. You will always have access to all your data. Accounting and support documents are stored in the cloud using systems designed for the unique security concerns of financial professionals.
The truth is that this depends on the volume and complexity of your business. Providing a pricing structure on our website is good marketing but bad business. We need to know the nature and complexity of your business before we can determine a price that works for you and ensures we can support you properly. We can tell you that many of the start-ups we support pay less than $50/month while our larger multi-million-dollar clients land more in the $2000/month range. Use the contact section below to arrange for a free consultation and quote.

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